The System House

Specialising in Innovative Polyurethanes

PURinvent System GmbH is an innovative system house. We specialise in customized, environmentally friendly polyurethanes.

Through many years of development know-how, our company was able to develop the world’s first water-containing polyurethanes based on renewable raw materials. This unprecedented, patented technology formed the basis for the original company’s business formation in 2007, the year it established headquarters in Leipzig, Germany.

In spring 2014 a total reestablishment was necesarry and led to a process of transformation. Innovative new product developement broadened our range of applications.

Behind the walls of a traditional, listed industrial building, PURinvent System GmbH has established a modern infrastructure that combines research, development and the production of novel polyurethanes.

Clearly we want to point out by reason of repeated misunderstanding, that the company of today has separated from the former CEO Dr. Frauke Petry in the beginning of 2016. We do not associate with the AfD and we dissociate ourself from its political attitudes.

Development of Environmentally Friendly Applications

Conventional polyurethanes are toxic, odour-intensive and time-consuming to process. However, new types of innovative polyurethanes with completely new properties are available for the first time.

Non-toxicity and odourlessness greatly facilitate safe processing. New material properties, up to non-combustibility, make various new applications possible. At the same time, environmental friendliness and biodegradability provide significant ecological and economic advantages, such as the drastic reduction of potential disposal costs. Thus, these novel materials have an unprecedented, positive ecological effect and fully meet the requirements of the European chemical regulations REACH.

The potential of these new developments has been recognized time and again and in 2012 it was honoured with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Our innovative product range comprises of many two-component polyurethane systems, for soft to medium-hard elastomer formulations based on:

  • high water base two-component systems and
  • conventional two-component systems based on renewable raw materials.

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